Do It Yourself

Things to really think about before doing-it-yourself

AVERAGE weddings in the UK now cost over £30,000 for couples. If you still want to get married then Do It Yourself might be the way forward

Getting Married On A Budget

Doing everything yourself or at least co-ordinating your special day can save your hard-earned money but more importantly it will put you in control and give you the day that you’ve always wanted. One thing to still keep in mind is that it’s your BIG DAY. Do you really want to be sorting out the seating on your special day? It will be hard to be both the event organiser as well being the bell of the ball.

Things to factor in

  • It’s worth hiring a professional or friend or family member to be the wedding co-ordinator on the day. You need someone that the vendors and the guests can refer to if their need help or advice on the day
  • Ensure that you have a healthy contingency fund of around 25% to even 50% of your budget available just in case
  • Seriously research the possibility of insuring your wedding and honeymoon. Read the policy so you get the right cover you want
  • Plan everything and have an A-Plan and a B-Plan
  • Spreadsheet and database everything and have backup numbers for everyone who could upset your big day

Planning outwards

Many of the most popular venues get book at least two years in advance especially if you want a spring or summer wedding (better photographs in natural sunlight).
Your venue availability will determine your potential dates.
If you are keen on saving money then booking honeymoons during summer holidays will also be expensive so think hard.

The Budget

As you are organising a one-off wedding you will not get the best prices as you will not be regular customer to wedding vendors so again do your research. Also always ask if prices quoted attracts VAT.


Your theme and budget will drive your DIY Wedding

Things to think about
  • The season
  • The venue
  • Favourite colour(s)
  • Family traditions
  • Your spiritual beliefs
  • Expectations of family and friends (including the bitchy ones)
  • Expectations of yourself (stage something that you can pull-off)
  • Trends – see what the wedding trends are around

Make an awesome wedding planning checklist

Create a number of scenarios even give them names like the Purple Wedding Plan or the June Wedding Plan. The more you plan the better it will be.

Things to sort out

Folders, spreadsheets, websites, contact lists, backup everything. Ask for help from friends and family members that are reliable don’t pressure them to get involved.


  • Best Man outfit
  • Bride & Groom outfits
  • Bridesmaids’ dresses
  • Cake
  • Caterers
  • Entertainment & DJ
  • Flowers
  • Hair & makeup
  • Hotels
  • Insurance
  • Marriage licence
  • Music list
  • Photographer
  • Reception venue
  • Stationery
  • Transport
  • Videographer
  • Wedding list
  • Wedding officiant
  • Wedding venue
  • Wedding vows

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