Around 7% of children in public care are from an African or African-Caribbean family background whereas these ethnic groups only make up 1.7% of the UK population as a whole.


This UK wide campaign was launched in 2017, to tackle the overrepresentation of our children in public care through finding new adopters and carers and lobbying central government to come up with new initiatives to help these vulnerable children.

Our Objectives

  • To encourage African and African-Caribbean communities to come forward to adopt, care or mentor our children in public care.
  • To encourage the government to put more resourcing into the public care system and to come up with imaginative schemes to get our children permanently placed.
  • To look at practical ways to support vulnerable families before their children are taken into public care

Help to Adopt or Foster Proposals

One of the major issues for prospective adopters and foster carers is the lack of a spare room or rooms for them to become new parents or carers.

We call on the government to set up a similar housing scheme for first time buyers.

The government can solve this barrier to adoption or fostering by encouraging councils to offer approved adopters or carers a home with a spare room or rooms as long as they take on a child or children. The government can place a covenant on the property so if the house is sold the state can claim back its equity built up in the house. This solution will bring many more people into the public care sector.

Transfer ‘Wrongdoing’ fines to looked after children

We are call on the government to transfer fines placed on large firms for ‘wrongdoing’ to charities working with children in public care. Also to encourage banks and other organisations to transfer ‘stranded assets’ in old bank accounts and utilities accounts to children in public care.

Street Campaign

As part of the Afrikan Food Hall Membership Drive across the UK we will be having face to face conversations with over 227,000 adults. We will be stressing the importance of our communities to help tackle the overrepresentation of our children in public care and for them to take ownership of this issue.

Where the street campaign is taking place

Across England & Wales

  • Brixton
  • Peckham
  • Thornton Heath
  • Stratford
  • Hackney
  • Walthamstow
  • Dagenham
  • Edmonton
  • Tottenham
  • Harlesden
  • Shepherd Bush
  • Woolwich
  • Lewisham

Rest of the UK

  • Luton
  • Milton Keynes
  • Reading
  • Birmingham
  • Leeds
  • Bradford
  • Leicester
  • Nottingham
  • Manchester
  • Liverpool
  • Cardiff
  • Bristol
  • Gillingham

Phone Campaign

We plan to phone every organisation including private businesses operating within our communities to ask them to support our children in public care and to take on the campaign #EachOneAskOne

Supporting Organisations

We are prepared to work with statutory, voluntary and private sector organisations willing to help us tackle the overrepresentation of our children in public care.

Help Our Children Today

If you want to adopt or foster then please contact these organisations below who will be happy to speak to you